Open Sourcing ‘oMMU’


This project has been in development since at least early 2018, in that time life has gotten in the way of giving it the development time it deserves more times that I can count, with endless promises that it’ll be complete soon (TM), I assure you that this is as annoying to me as it is to everyone else.

To that end, the project as it currently stands is being published under the MIT licence – This seemed the choice that is most compatible with the community (and other licences), and least likely to descend into endless arguments over X is better than Y licence.

This is not the project being abandoned, but giving it to the community with the hopes that other collaborators will join and help build something awesome that’s used for years to come, and even if collaborators are not forthcoming the scrutiny of the source being available is bound to motivate me to write it quicker 😂

Where can I get it?

The code at this stage can be cloned from no binaries are provided, as this is most definitely a developers only project at the moment, the solution provided should be buildable after changing the Orbiter directory macro to point at your local install. I can promise that this version will build, however I can’t speak for the stability of it.

Next Steps

The code as released today represents at best a minimum viable product. The core functionality is (mostly) there, vessels can have crew; transfer crew, EVA, etc however there are no included assets, and some areas (such as the MMU vessels) are less developed that they need to be for a proper ‘v1.0’ release.

The next steps will be to enhance the MMU vessels, allowing for customisation, adding a proper HUD and hopefully sourcing some models to use (currently they are BYOM).

I’ll be updating the issues board on GitHub with areas that need improvement, if anyone would like to grab them and help finish this thing.


Control of the main oMMU repository will remain with myself, for now at least, this is mainly to ensure that there is a single stable project that can be targeted by dependent addons. I of course will accept pull requests, and will look at adding additional maintainers if anyone wants to come forwards.

Why the blog post?

I’ve been squatting the domain for years and I wanted to put it to some use.

For more discussion see the thread on Orbiter-Forum –


Hello world!

Something might be posted here eventually